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The survey of methionine (feed grade) in China

China, as an important consumer of feed grade methionine in the world, has no feed grade methionine manufacturer yet. All of its feed grade methionine has to be imported. However, this situation is expected to be changed greatly, with BlueStar planning to establish a feed grade methionine (AT88) project in China in 2008, with the acquisition of Adisseo. The AT88 project will carry great changes to China's feed grade methionine.

In the past, China once failed in the production of feed grade methionine in 2000. Why Tianjin Phone-planc stopped feed grade methionine production? How will it influence BlueStar's new project? You will find the answer in this report. Meanwhile, CCM will evaluate the BlueStar's project. Will BlueStar's AT88 project be approved? What is the progress of now? What is the supply chain? Who are the raw material suppliers? What about the technology? What is BlueStar's strategy at the moment?

CCM has penetrated into the market of feed grade methionine to evaluate the market potential by focusing on life science and animal healthcare. What impact will AT88 project bring on Chinese market? What is the consumers'use habit? How about the current consumption and its changes in future? Will the consumption market in China soar? What are the barriers for foreign companies to invest on feed grade methionine in China? Is there any chance for foreign companies? These are also questions that this report seeks to find answers to.

This report looks into the technology, raw material supply, import/export, consumption of feed grade methionine in China. A SWOT analysis of BlueStar's AT88 project will disclose the competitive advantage of BlueStar. The demand of feed grade methionine in China to 2013 will also be forecasted and evaluated.

What's new in this edition?

The recent progress of two potential methionine players, namely BlueStar's AT88 project and Chongqing Unisplendour's methionine project, are covered in the new edition, together with China's methionine consumption statistics last year.

Chemistry   Market study
Year:   2009
Publisher:   CCM International Ltd.
Price:   8,000.00€
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