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5 Newest Market Studies about the topic methionine


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China Feed Amino Acid Industry Report, 2010

In the feed industry, amino acid is an important nutritional additive whose main role is to compensate for the lack of amino acids in feed, thus saving a lot of high-quality protein feed such as bean cake (dregs) and fish meal, and lowering feed costs. Although the types and proportions of amino ...


Survey of Methionine (Feed Grade) in China-The Fourth Edition

Nowadays, feed grade methionine is mainly produced in Belgium, Japan, France, the US and so on, and four companies monopolize the production and technology in the world. Then what is the supply and demand situation in the world? China is a great consumer of feed grade methionine, but there is ...


The survey of methionine (feed grade) in China

China, as an important consumer of feed grade methionine in the world, has no feed grade methionine manufacturer yet. All of its feed grade methionine has to be imported. However, this situation is expected to be changed greatly, with BlueStar planning to establish a feed grade methionine (AT88) ...


Production and Market of Methionine in China

The current situation of China's methionine industry is confusing. On the one hand, the majority of China's methionine is exported, while on the other hand, China has to import a large quantity of methionine every year. What are the major factors attributing to such situation? This report ...


Production and Market of Feed Grade Amino Acids in China

Owing to the technical support of research institutes and the guide from the central government, the amino acid growing at a fast speed, though now the most popular method in China, the fermentation method, is not that developed as the western countries. It can be said that China is a newcomer ...


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