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The universal digital platform from Metrohm integrates the latest laboratory balance from Sartorius

Thanks to an extension (QApp) implemented on the balance, CUBIS® II from Sartorius has become a fully integrated module of the OMNIS platform. The Sartorius balance not only sends the measurement results to OMNIS but also the complete metadata for every weighing-in or weighing-out performed on ...


Weighing the right way - reliable results at the touch of a key

With proven performance and convenient operation perfectly suited to the requirements

The balances are equipped with modern safety functions that guarantee reliable results. User guidance, an intuitive graphical user interface and integrated applications make weighing easy. Moreover, operation does not require any explicit instruction. Thanks to intelligent design features, the ...


Never before has a low-cost balance been such a good long-term investment

Accurate results every time ... even when exposed to temperature fluctuations & electromagnetic fields

Do you know the feeling of being surprised by a low-cost product’s high-quality workmanship when taking it into your hands? That's exactly what you can expect from the Pioneer PX analytical and precision balances. When you feel the solid metal base, you know that this is not just any balance: it ...


XA.4Y.A.PLUS Analytical Balance Precision,Accuracy, Repeatability

The best weighing accuracy and repeatability – with sd ≤ 1d combined with USP regulations conformity (Section 41 and 1251)

Innovative solutions applied in SYNERGY LAB analytical balances guarantee extraordinary precision of top-class measuring equipment. The Best Possible Repeatability and USP Regulations Conformity The best weighing accuracy and repeatability – with sd ≤ 1d combined with USP regulations conformity ...


The New Generation of Modular Premium Balances

A completely configurable, high performance portfolio of balance hardware and software that will align with your unique demands and compliance requirements

Key Benefits of the Cubis II include: Customizable modularity Choose from among 45 weighing modules, two modern user interfaces, several draft shields, and more than 60 software application for thousands of different possible configurations Choose from our adaptable, preconfigured software ...


The Essence of Weighing And More

Robust All-Round Balances

Daily weighing routines are easy and efficient thanks to theergonomic design features of the NewClassic ME balances.Essential functionality is at your fingertips to provide you withaccurate and reliable weighing results day after day.But there is more. These robust all-round balances not only ...


Continuously Reliable Weighing Results in a Short Time

Trusted Results at Your Fingertips

In today's high pressure research and manufacturing environments, havingthe right equipment is key to achieving quality and efficiency. With customersdemanding short lead times and reliable delivery dates, you need abalance you can trust to deliver accurate results - and which is ...


Ensure Reliable Performance of Your Equipment

The GWP Verification Service Provides Trouble-Free, Stable and Accurate Weighing Processes

Calibration proves that the equipment runs within permitted tolerances and delivers reproducible measurements that lead to consistent product quality, increased productivity and regulatory compliance. Calibrating weighing equipment is to assessing performance under real operating conditions. It ...


For Your Essential Needs

ME-T Analytical and Precision Balances with Intuitive Touchscreen Operation

In today’s busy laboratory, you need a balance that combines essentialeveryday weighing functions with ease of use to deliver accurate, reliableresults day after day. METTLER TOLEDO’s ME-T balances are ideal for routine weighing procedures, with intuitivetouchscreen operation to make your ...


Perfectly Designed to Support Testing and Calibration of Balances

Automated Data Transfer and Balance Configuration of Weight Specific Data

The security and compliance of balance testing can be assured by using WeightLink™. This innovative approach makes it possible to use validated test weights with unique identification. Input of weight serial numbers and data from calibration certificates can be achieved electronically by scanning ...


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