How can you overcome routine administration tasks that steal 40% of your laboratory's valuable time?

The battle between innovation and administration

Your business’s growth and financial prospects directly depend how well you innovate and bring therapeutics to market—especially during a crisis. This means investing in R&D and ensuring safety, data quality and compliance.
But the routine, often manual administrative tasks that make these things possible take up large amounts of time that could instead go into discovery and innovation. Administration that supports researchers instead of hindering them must be straightforward, automated and reliable.
Enter the LANEXO Laboratory Inventory, Safety and Compliance System, Merck’s latest offering for digital laboratory productivity. Specifically designed for highly regulated R&D laboratories, LANEXO simplifies and automates inventory management.
With LANEXO, your scientists know where to find each reagent, which item to use and when to restock. All data is centralized into a single-source-of-truth for your whole lab. This makes tedious admin tasks obsolete, makes your lab more efficient and sustainable, and makes your data more traceable, regulation compliant and audit ready.

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