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X-Ray Structure Analysis

Products X-Ray Structure Analysis

Phase / structural analysis using x-ray diffraction (XRD)

XRD for everyone ✓ No compromise in data quality ✓ Ready for automation more

News X-Ray Structure Analysis

  • AI supports analysis of metallic materials

    Until now, the analysis of crystalline microstructures in metallic materials has been technically challenging and particularly time-consuming. Researchers from the fields of materials engineering and computer science have now developed an algorithm for this purpose and published it in the scientific more

  • How molecular footballs burst in an X-ray laser beam

    An international research team has observed in real time how football molecules made of carbon atoms burst in the beam of an X-ray laser. The study shows the temporal course of the bursting process, which takes less than a trillionth of a second, and is important for the analysis of sensitive protei more

  • Faster characterization of organic salts

    UZH researchers have developed a novel method that speeds up the process of determining crystal structures of organic salts and significantly reduces the effort required to do so. As about 40 percent of all active pharmaceutical ingredients are salts, this new crystallographic method is set to great more

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