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  • Pure industrial chemicals by gasifying lignocellulosic biomass

    VTT has demonstrated that lignocellulosic biomass can be successfully converted into pure BTX chemicals: benzene, toluene and xylene. The aim of this research is to enable the use of wood-based chemicals to replace crude oil in, for example, plastics, fuels, medicine and paints. Demand has grown rap more

  • Ceresana Analyzes the Global Market for Xylene

    Xylenes are aromatic, colorless liquids needed, e.g., for PET plastics, PVC plasticizers, fuels and solvents. In the now available analysis of the global market for xylene, the market research institute Ceresana provides data concerning individual xylene isomers: for the first time, markets for para more

  • Monitoring the air they breathe in China

    Research describes the development of a simple, low-cost passive air sampler for monitoring indoor air pollution in China. Air quality in China is a hot topic, with air pollution rivalling food safety and clean drinking water as a key theme for Chinese lawmakers. Scientists at Tsinghua University ha more

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Xylene The term xylene refers to a group of three benzene derivatives which are used as a solvent and in the printing , rubber , and leather industries. Xylene is a colorless, sweet-smelling liquid that is very flammable. Like other solvents, ... more


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