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B&W Tek, Inc.

Your Partner for Mobile Spectroscopy Solutions

B&W Tek is an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy and laser instrumentation, as well as laboratory, portable and handheld Raman systems. We provide spectroscopy and laser solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, physical, chemical, LED lighting and research communities. Originally established as a producer of green lasers in 1997, we’ve grown into an industry-leading, total solutions provider; coupling our core technologies with custom design and manufacturing capabilities.

Since the company’s establishment, we’ve emphasized strong vertical integration for better efficiency and faster growth. These values allow us to provide you with higher quality products that still fit into your budget. B&W Tek uses core components that are designed and manufactured in-house to create total solutions for a wide range of applications.

At B&W Tek, not only do we design, manufacture and assemble all of our own products, we also have the knowledge and expertise needed to guarantee that our products will fit the demands of your application. We feel that providing instrumentation is just part of our commitment towards providing your solution. Our research and development team consists of over 30 engineers in varying disciplines, each with an advanced degree in their field, and we’re eager to share our information and experience with you. We even post our knowledge on our website so you can access the answers you need whenever and as often as you’d like. Be sure to download our catalog below and check out our Learning Lab for the most recent material.

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