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  • Merck to lead OLED research

    Merck, a leading science and technology company, is announcing its leadership role in the joint project entitled “Exploration of quantum materials – New paths to realizing innovative optoelectronic components (ELQ-LED)”. The aim of the project, which will receive total funding of € 5.5 million from more

  • Shape-shifting organic crystals use memory to improve plastic electronics

    Researchers have identified a mechanism that triggers shape-memory phenomena in organic crystals used in plastic electronics. Shape-shifting structural materials are made with metal alloys, but the new generation of economical printable plastic electronics is poised to benefit from this phenomenon, more

  • Describing a widely used material

    LiU researcher Klas Tybrandt has put forward a theoretical model that explains the coupling between ions and electrons in the widely used conducting polymer PEDOT:PSS. The model has profound implications for applications in printed electronics, energy storage in paper, and bioelectronics. One of the more

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EU Project helps boost “Organic” electronics

Light-up clothing, medical sensors and electronic wallpaper are just a few of the possible future applications that may be enabled by flexible and printable electronics using carbon-based materials. EXTMOS (EXTended Model of Organic Semiconductors), a €5 million pan-European collaborative resear ... more

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21-07 – 22-07
Barga, IT

Electronic Processes in Organic Materials (GRS)

The Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Electronic Processes in Organic Materials is an exclusive forum for graduate students and post-docs from the highly interdisciplinary community of organic electronics. It gives them an opportunity to present their research, exchange ideas, network with peers at t

22-07 – 27-07
Barga, IT

Electronic Processes in Organic Materials

The program of our GRC meeting spans a range of topics at the frontier of organic and hybrid electronics and optoelectronics. Areas of traditional strength such as carrier transport or separation in organic semiconductors and devices, physics of organic interfaces, and molecular and polymer semicond

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