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  • Organic Crystals Twist, Bend, and Heal

    Crystals are brittle and inelastic? A novel class of smart, bendable crystalline organic materials has challenged this view. Now, scientists have engineered a molecular soft cocrystalline structure that bends and twists reversibly and without disintegration when stimulated by high temperature, mecha more

  • Flexible organic electronics mimic biological mechanosensory nerves

    Researchers at Seoul National University and Stanford University developed artificial mechanosensory nerves using flexible organic devices to emulate biological sensory afferent nerves. They used the artificial mechanosensory nerves to control a disabled insect leg and distinguish braille characters more

  • Merck to lead OLED research

    Merck, a leading science and technology company, is announcing its leadership role in the joint project entitled “Exploration of quantum materials – New paths to realizing innovative optoelectronic components (ELQ-LED)”. The aim of the project, which will receive total funding of € 5.5 million from more

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EU Project helps boost “Organic” electronics

Light-up clothing, medical sensors and electronic wallpaper are just a few of the possible future applications that may be enabled by flexible and printable electronics using carbon-based materials. EXTMOS (EXTended Model of Organic Semiconductors), a €5 million pan-European collaborative resear ... more

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  • Excimers in organic electronics

    Excimers are aggregates of two atoms or molecules that can only form and exist in the excited state. They were discovered more than half a century ago. Since then they have been used with great success in industrial scale lasing applications and as molecular rulers in biotechnology. Conversely, exci more

  • I've got a feeling

    Biomaterials Sensory (or afferent) nerves bring sensations of touch, pain, or temperature variation to the central nervous system and brain. Using the tools and materials of organic electronics, Kim et al. combined a pressure sensor, a ring oscillator, and an ion gel–gated transistor to form an more

  • A bioinspired flexible organic artificial afferent nerve

    The distributed network of receptors, neurons, and synapses in the somatosensory system efficiently processes complex tactile information. We used flexible organic electronics to mimic the functions of a sensory nerve. Our artificial afferent nerve collects pressure information (1 to 80 kilopascals more

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