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novAA from Analytik Jena – High-Performance AAS for All Routine Applications

A New Generation of Instruments for the Whole Range of AAS

The novAA® series covers up the complete range of fully automatic single element and sequential multi element analysis.

The series combines a unique union of performance, versatility, automation, reliability and flexibility.

With its vast range of adjustable parameters, flexible analysis systems and the highest precision found on the market, it lives up to the demands of modern analysis and regulations.

  • 8 lamp changer for maximum automation and sample throughput
  • Single and double beam available
  • D2 background correction
  • Highly intelligent ASpect LS data analysis and control software – makes method development and optimization really efficient
  • 10 years long-term warranty on high end optical components
  • Transverse-heated graphite furnace – diminishes matrix effects and improves the accuracy of results (novAA 400 P)
  • Integrated High-end Vision Tool for best observation and control of sample injection and sample drying in the graphite tube (novAA 400 P)
  • Direct analysis of solid samples (novAA 400 P)
  • Automated flame technology – for high precision and speed
  • Flame autosampler – for maximum sample throughput and automatic dilution
  • A wide variety of accessories (e.g. software controlled Segmented Flow Star (SFS) for injection mode operation, or the “Scraper”, an intelligent, automatic, software-controlled cleaning device)
  • Tight control viaSelf-Checksystem
  • Integrated RFID Tool for working with coded lamps (novAA 400 P)
  • Integrated super lamp power supply for best analytical performance (novAA 400 P)

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