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Insitec online particle sizing

Malvern Insitec systems measure particle size distributions from 0.1 to 2500 µm wet or dry, at- in- or on-line, with even mobile solutions using l ... more

How Much Candy Would Kill You?

Before you stuff your face with candy until you max out this Halloween, we want you to ask yourself how much is too much. Well folks, in keeping w ... more

Acetone Dissolves Styrofoam Into Goo

Have you ever seen a foam cup appear to melt away in acetone? Foam cups, bowls and containers are made of a lightweight but strong material – expa ... more

Genetics Institute Improves Efficiency of Replication & Screening

The Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes (IGDR), France reports on how, using a VIAFLO 96 handheld multichannel pipette from INTEGRA, t ... more

Powerful Cutting Mill Tackles Difficult Lab Samples

The new cutting mill SM 300 is perfectly suitable for many different - and also difficult - size reduction tasks thanks to the variable speed from ... more

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Curvature from planar polymer sheets in response to light

Researchers at NC State have developed a way to create curvature from 2D sheets using only light.The advance builds on earlier work by the same research team, which focused on self-folding 3-D structures. The key advance here is that rather than having the plastic fold along sharp lines – i ... more

Corporate Video Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau AG


New method for making zeolite nanosheets for ultra-selective membranes

A new method to make zeolite nanosheets leads to high performance membranes for separation and purification processes. Credit: Prashant Kumar and Michael Tsapatsis, University of Minnesota more

Recipe for revolution - Finding Your Science

Chemistry Nobel Laureate George Olah talks about doing passionate science. more

Showa Single Use Nitrile Series Gloves

As the original inventor of N-DEX®, the world first single use nitrile glove in 1991, SHOWA has continued over the last two decades to bring further innovation to single use nitrile. SHOWA has looked into single use market needs for personal and product protection and anticipating the incre ... more

Terahertz Spectrometer for Material Analysis and Substance Identification

We make your analysis easy and efficient – for research and industrial use. Photonics West 2014 PRISM-AWARD winner terahertz spectrometer from HÜBNER provides you new opportunities in many fields of analytical measurements. The mobile T-SPECTRALYZER was designed for quick set-up and for rou ... more

VANEOX Pressing Technology for Sample Preparation for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

With the VANEOX presses, FLUXANA has developed a product line that is optimally adapted to the requirements in customer laboratories. The entire line scores in terms of simple operation and high flexibility when dealing with varying sample types.  The VANEOX 15t press combines high-quality ... more

Argonne News Brief: Oleo Sponge soaks up oil spills from water

Argonne National Laboratory researchers have invented a technology for recovering oil and refined petroleum products from bodies of water. Oleo Sponge offers several key advantages over the technologies and techniques that are currently used to combat this problem. more

Caltech and JCAP Discover Solar Fuel Materials


Corporate Video Abbott Informatics Germany GmbH


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