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Lab Reactors for Chemical Synthesis

Replace common round bottom flasks with modern and digital reactor systems

Intuitive chemical synthesis reactors replace round bottom flasks, jacketed glass reactors, ice baths, oil baths and chillers. The innovative heating and cooling technique of EasyMax® precisely controls and maintains reaction temperature to avoid impurities and ensure a consistent process ...


In-Situ FTIR Spectroscopy Reaction Monitoring

Understand reaction kinetics and mechanism in real-time

Every new chemical entity that enters commercial production must go through a development process where both the chemistry and chemical process must be fully understood to make a safe, reliable, robust process. ReactIR in situ Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy answers fundamental ...


The Software Standard for Thermal Analysis

Intuitive operation, exact results and traceable workflows

The STARe-Software is the thermal analysis software for highest requirements regarding data integrity, traceability and efficiency.With the new modular STARe-Software V16.10 for thermal analysis systems METTLER TOLEDO increases the benefits for operators. The following functions are now ...


XPR Analytical Balances: Weighing Solutions without Compromise

Economical Use of Your Valuable Samples

XPR Analytical Balances are the right choice for challenging weighing applications, such as weighing the smallest sample sizes, with exceptional accuracy and a readability of 5 micrograms. Save time, money and materials, and invest in a balance that consistently delivers results you can ...


Inline Analysis of Particle Size and Count

Optimize Crystal Size, Yield and Purity

Particles, crystals and droplets occur in numerous chemical processes and often pose challenges with optimizing product quality and process efficiency. Characterizing particle properties effectively, in particular particle size and count, allows processing problems to be solved and product ...


Precision Balances Designed for Easy Operation

Extra-Large Touchscreen Display

In today's high pressure research and manufacturing environments, having the right equipment is key to achieving quality and efficiency. With customers demanding short lead times and reliable delivery dates, you need a balance you can trust to deliver accurate results - and which is convenient ...


The Essence of Weighing And More

Robust All-Round Balances

Daily weighing routines are easy and efficient thanks to theergonomic design features of the NewClassic ME balances.Essential functionality is at your fingertips to provide you withaccurate and reliable weighing results day after day.But there is more. These robust all-round balances not only ...


Continuously Reliable Weighing Results in a Short Time

Trusted Results at Your Fingertips

In today's high pressure research and manufacturing environments, havingthe right equipment is key to achieving quality and efficiency. With customersdemanding short lead times and reliable delivery dates, you need abalance you can trust to deliver accurate results - and which is ...


Ensure Reliable Performance of Your Equipment

The GWP Verification Service Provides Trouble-Free, Stable and Accurate Weighing Processes

Calibration proves that the equipment runs within permitted tolerances and delivers reproducible measurements that lead to consistent product quality, increased productivity and regulatory compliance. Calibrating weighing equipment is to assessing performance under real operating conditions. It ...


Accurate, Intuitive and Modular Density Meters

One Click Density Measurement

Developed for a wide range of applications, intuitive Excellence Density Meters will measure almost any sample. Accurate and reliable results Excellence Density Meters guarantee high reliability and maximum precision, with an accuracy of up to 6 digits. They facilitate the measurement of density, ...


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