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ACS Chemical Biology

ACS Chemical Biology
Abbreviated title ACS Chem Biol
Discipline Interdisciplinary-Chemistry and Biology
Language English
Publication details
Publisher American Chemical Society ( United States)
Publication history 2006 to present
ISSN 1554-8929
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ACS Chemical Biology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published since 2006 by the American Chemical Society. The aim of ACS Chemical Biology is to disseminate significant original research at the interface between chemistry and biology. In doing so, the scope of ACS Chemical Biology spans the rapidly-emerging field known as chemical biology. ACS Chemical Biology is available in both printed and online versions and is indexed in a number of databases including Chemical Abstracts Service, the ISI's Web of Knowledge database, and the U.S. NLM MEDLINE database.[1]


Types of content

ACS Chemical Biology publishes research letters, articles, and reviews that are all peer-reviewed. In addition, specially commissioned articles that describe journal content are solicited. Letters describe findings of broad interest and are generally five printed pages or shorter in length. Articles, on the other hand, are comprehensive reports of research of "immediate, broad, and lasting impact".[2] Usually articles are twelve printed pages or shorter in length. Finally, reviews cover key concepts of interest to a broad readership.[2]

Web-only content includes podcasts, a wiki, and articles published online ahead of print.[2] ACS Chemical Biology has published the first three-dimensional interactive chemical structures replicating printed journal figures.[3] These structures can be viewed in a web browser by means of Jmol - an open-source structure viewer.

Interactive features

Scientific societies including the American Chemical Society are interested in the dissemination of information via Web 2.0 technologies such as Wikipedia.[4][5]. Incorporating Web 2.0 tools in journals such as ACS Chemical Biology is expected to enhance content and foster greater collaboration.[6] In addition to traditional features present in scientific journals, ACS Chemical Biology offers interactive features. These include the "Ask the Expert" section in which readers submit questions that are then forwarded to experts in the field.[7] Another interactive feature is the chemical biology wiki, which is an experimental endeavor in scientific publishing.[4][8][9] Recently, ACS Chemical Biology instituted the ChemBio WIKIspot, an online journal club in the form of a wiki. The stated goal of this journal club is to allow any user to write a spotlight of a scientific paper or website that is perceived to be of broad interest to the chemical biology community. Once a month a spotlight is chosen for publication in the journal.[10] In addition, ACS Chemical Biology allows events of interest to chemists and biologist to be submitted to the website.


  • 2006 Award for Innovation in Journal Publishing from the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers.[11]
  • Runner-up R.R. Hawkins Award for the Outstanding Professional, Reference or Scholarly Work of 2006.[11]


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