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HeadquartersWitten, Germany
Key peopleDieter A. Gundlach (chair)
Dr. Jochen Billecke
Werner Denniger
Mark Eslamlooy
IndustryChemical industry
ProductsChemical building products, building adhesives
Revenue~ 475 Mio. € (2005)
Employees~ 1,750 (2005)

The ARDEX Group is a manufacturer of special materials for the building trade with its place of business in Witten. It is operated as an independent family-owned business by Dieter A. Gundlach, director of the management board, as well as Dr. Jochen Billecke, Werner Denniger and Mark Eslamlooy. In 2005, the Ardex group made a turnover of €475 million with 1.750 staff.

The company belongs to the market leaders in the field of chemistry-based construction materials, and is represented in more than 50 countries through 30 operative corporations.

Founded in 1949 under the name NORWAG-Werke GmbH Chemische Fabrik, Witten, the company initially manufactured metal-working oils, window putty and waxes. At the beginning of the 1950, the company was renamed ARDEX Chemie GmbH.

The very positive feedback on the market introduction of a newly developed sub-floor smoothing compound marked the beginning of a successful development of the company, which has continued until today.

With the "ARDURAPID effect", which has become a synonym of "speed" in the construction industry, the company managed to dramatically reduce the drying periods on the building site applicable until then. This invention enabled the company to manufacture "quick-setting" screeds, which become fully usable after 24 hours, i.e. installation of the finish top cover is possible after 24 hours. For conventional screeds, the drying period required is about 28 days even today. Using the "quick-setting smoothing compounds", top floor cover can be laid as soon as after one hour.

In the course of the years, the product range was extended and today comprises all relevant ranges of chemistry-based construction products: building shell products for concrete finishing and repair, bitumen-based products for waterproofing of building structures, quick-setting cements, screeds, sub-floor preparation agents, sub-floor smoothing compounds, epoxy-based industrial floor coverings for floor areas in private and industrial premises, sealing compounds to be applied beneath tiles, adhesives for tiles, natural stones and insulating materials, joint mortar for tiles and marble, sealing compounds for the building trade, wall smoothing compounds for smoothing wall surfaces, floor covering and parquetry adhesives for carpets and parquetry etc.

The company logo suggests a drop falling on a hot stone.

ARDEX GmbH was elected one of the TOP 100 most innovative German medium-sized companies in 2005.


  • Company website


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