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ATC code D03

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

D Dermatologicals


D03A Cicatrizants

D03AA Cod-liver oil ointments

D03AX Other cicatrizants

D03AX01 Cadexomer iodine
D03AX02 Dextranomer
D03AX03 Dexpanthenol
D03AX04 Calcium pantothenate
D03AX05 Hyaluronic acid
D03AX06 Becaplermin
D03AX07 Glyceryl trinitrate
D03AX08 Isosorbide dinitrate
D03AX09 Crilanomer
D03AX10 Enoxolone

D03B Enzymes

D03BA Proteolytic enzymes

D03BA01 Trypsin
D03BA02 Clostridiopeptidase
D03BA52 Clostridiopeptidase, combinations
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