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ATC code D04

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

D Dermatologicals


D04A Antipruritics, including antihistamines, anesthetics, etc.

D04AA Antihistamines for topical use

D04AA01 Thonzylamine
D04AA02 Mepyramine
D04AA03 Thenalidine
D04AA04 Tripelennamine
D04AA09 Chloropyramine
D04AA10 Promethazine
D04AA12 Tolpropamine
D04AA13 Dimetindene
D04AA14 Clemastine
D04AA15 Bamipine
D04AA22 Isothipendyl
D04AA32 Diphenhydramine
D04AA33 Diphenhydramine methylbromide
D04AA34 Chlorphenoxamine

D04AB Anesthetics for topical use

D04AB01 Lidocaine
D04AB02 Cinchocaine
D04AB03 Oxybuprocaine
D04AB04 Benzocaine
D04AB05 Quinisocaine
D04AB06 Tetracaine
D04AB07 Pramocaine

D04AX Other antipruritics

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