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ATC code D11

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

D Dermatologicals


D11A Other dermatological preparations

D11AA Antihidrotics

D11AC Medicated shampoos

D11AC01 Cetrimide
D11AC02 Cadmium compounds
D11AC03 Selenium compounds
D11AC06 Povidone-iodine
D11AC08 Sulfur compounds
D11AC09 Xenysalate
D11AC30 Others

D11AE Androgens for topical use

D11AE01 Metandienone

D11AF Wart and anti-corn preparations

D11AX Other dermatologicals

D11AX01 Minoxidil
D11AX02 Gamolenic acid
D11AX03 Calcium gluconate
D11AX04 Lithium succinate
D11AX05 Magnesium sulfate
D11AX06 Mequinol
D11AX08 Tiratricol
D11AX09 Oxaceprol
D11AX10 Finasteride
D11AX11 Hydroquinone
D11AX12 Pyrithione zinc
D11AX13 Monobenzone
D11AX14 Tacrolimus
D11AX15 Pimecrolimus
D11AX16 Eflornithine
D11Ax17 Cromoglicic acid
D11AX52 Gamolenic acid, combinations
D11AX57 Collagen, combinations
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