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ATC code G03

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

G Genito-urinary system and sex hormones


G03A Hormonal contraceptives for systemic use

G03AA Progestogens and estrogens, fixed combinations

G03AA01 Etynodiol and estrogen
G03AA02 Quingestanol and estrogen
G03AA03 Lynestrenol and estrogen
G03AA04 Megestrol and estrogen
G03AA05 Norethisterone and estrogen
G03AA06 Norgestrel and estrogen
G03AA07 Levonorgestrel and estrogen
G03AA08 Medroxyprogesterone and estrogen
G03AA09 Desogestrel and estrogen
G03AA10 Gestodene and estrogen
G03AA11 Norgestimate and estrogen
G03AA12 Drospirenone and estrogen
G03AA13 Norelgestromin and estrogen

G03AB Progestogens and estrogens, sequential preparations

G03AB01 Megestrol and estrogen
G03AB02 Lynestrenol and estrogen
G03AB03 Levonorgestrel and estrogen
G03AB04 Norethisterone and estrogen
G03AB05 Desogestrel and estrogen
G03AB06 Gestodene and estrogen
G03AB07 Chlormadinone and estrogen

G03AC Progestogens

G03AC01 Norethisterone
G03AC02 Lynestrenol
G03AC03 Levonorgestrel
G03AC04 Quingestanol
G03AC05 Megestrol
G03AC06 Medroxyprogesterone
G03AC07 Norgestrienone
G03AC08 Etonogestrel
G03AC09 Desogestrel

G03B Androgens

G03BA 3-oxoandrosten-(4) derivatives

G03BA01 Fluoxymesterone
G03BA02 Methyltestosterone
G03BA03 Testosterone

G03BB 5-androstanon-(3) derivatives

G03BB01 Mesterolone
G03BB02 Androstanolone

G03C Estrogens

G03CA Natural and semisynthetic estrogens, plain

G03CA01 Ethinylestradiol
G03CA03 Estradiol
G03CA04 Estriol
G03CA06 Chlorotrianisene
G03CA07 Estrone
G03CA09 Promestriene
G03CA53 Estradiol, combinations
G03CA57 Conjugated estrogens

G03CB Synthetic estrogens, plain

G03CB01 Dienestrol
G03CB02 Diethylstilbestrol
G03CB03 Methallenestril
G03CB04 Moxestrol

G03CC Estrogens, combinations with other drugs

G03CC02 Dienestrol
G03CC03 Methallenestril
G03CC04 Estrone
G03CC05 Diethylstilbestrol
G03CC06 Estriol

G03D Progestogens

G03DA Pregnen-(4) derivatives

G03DA01 Gestonorone
G03DA02 Medroxyprogesterone
G03DA03 Hydroxyprogesterone
G03DA04 Progesterone

G03DB Pregnadien derivatives

G03DB01 Dydrogesterone
G03DB02 Megestrol
G03DB03 Medrogestone
G03DB04 Nomegestrol
G03DB05 Demegestone
G03DB06 Chlormadinone
G03DB07 Promegestone

G03DC Estren derivatives

G03DC01 Allylestrenol
G03DC02 Norethisterone
G03DC03 Lynestrenol
G03DC04 Ethisterone
G03DC05 Tibolone
G03DC06 Etynodiol
G03DC31 Methylestrenolone

G03E Androgens and female sex hormones in combination

G03EA Androgens and estrogens

G03EA01 Methyltestosterone and estrogen
G03EA02 Testosterone and estrogen
G03EA03 Prasterone and estrogen

G03EB Androgen, progestogen and estrogen in combination

G03EK Androgens and female sex hormones in combination with other drugs

G03EK01 Methyltestosterone

G03F Progestogens and estrogens in combination

G03FA Progestogens and estrogens, fixed combinations

G03FA01 Norethisterone and estrogen
G03FA02 Hydroxyprogesterone and estrogen
G03FA03 Ethisterone and estrogen
G03FA04 Progesterone and estrogen
G03FA05 Methylnortestosterone and estrogen
G03FA06 Etynodiol and estrogen
G03FA07 Lynestrenol and estrogen
G03FA08 Megestrol and estrogen
G03FA09 Noretynodrel and estrogen
G03FA10 Norgestrel and estrogen
G03FA11 Levonorgestrel and estrogen
G03FA12 Medroxyprogesterone and estrogen
G03FA13 Norgestimate and estrogen
G03FA14 Dydrogesterone and estrogen
G03FA15 Dienogest and estrogen
G03FA16 Trimegestone and estrogen
G03FA17 Drospirenone and estrogen

G03FB Progestogens and estrogens, sequential preparations

G03FB01 Norgestrel and estrogen
G03FB02 Lynestrenol and estrogen
G03FB03 Chlormadinone and estrogen
G03FB04 Megestrol and estrogen
G03FB05 Norethisterone and estrogen
G03FB06 Medroxyprogesterone and estrogen
G03FB07 Medrogestone and estrogen
G03FB08 Dydrogesterone and estrogen
G03FB09 Levonorgestrel and estrogen
G03FB10 Desogestrel and estrogen
G03FB11 Trimegestone and estrogen

G03G Gonadotropins and other ovulation stimulants

G03GA Gonadotropins

G03GA01 Human chorionic gonadotropin
G03GA02 Human menopausal gonadotropin
G03GA03 Serum gonadotropin
G03GA04 Urofollitropin
G03GA05 Follitropin alfa
G03GA06 Follitropin beta
G03GA07 Lutropin alfa
G03GA08 Choriogonadotropin alfa

G03GB Ovulation stimulants, synthetic

G03GB01 Cyclofenil
G03GB02 Clomifene
G03GB03 Epimestrol

G03H Antiandrogens

G03HA Antiandrogens, plain

G03HA01 Cyproterone

G03HB Antiandrogens and estrogens

G03HB01 Cyproterone and estrogen

G03X Other sex hormones and modulators of the genital system

G03XA Antigonadotropins and similar agents

G03XA01 Danazol
G03XA02 Gestrinone

G03XB Antiprogestogens

G03XB01 Mifepristone

G03XC Selective estrogen receptor modulators

G03XC01 Raloxifene
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