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ATC code J07

J07 - Vaccines


J07A Bacterial vaccines

J07AC Anthrax vaccines

J07AC01 Anthrax antigen

J07AD Brucellosis vaccines

J07AD01 Brucella antigen

J07AE Cholera vaccines

J07AE01 Cholera, inactivated, whole cell
J07AE02 Cholera, live attenuated
J07AE51 Cholera, combinations with typhoid vaccine, inactivated, whole cell

J07AF Diphtheria vaccines

J07AF01 Diphtheria toxoid

J07AG Haemophilus influenzae B vaccines

J07AG01 Hemophilus influenzae B, purified antigen conjugated
J07AG51 Hemophilus influenzae B, combinations with toxoids
J07AG52 Hemophilus influenzae B, combinations with pertussis and toxoids

J07AH Meningococcal vaccines

J07AH01 Meningococcus A, purified polysaccharides antigen
J07AH02 Other meningococcal monovalent purified polysaccharides antigen
J07AH03 Meningococcus, bivalent purified polysaccharides antigen
J07AH04 Meningococcus, tetravalent purified polysaccharides antigen
J07AH05 Other meningococcal polyvalent purified polysaccharides antigen
J07AH06 Meningococcus B, outer membrane vesicle vaccine
J07AH07 Meningococcus C, purified polysaccharides antigen conjugated

J07AJ Pertussis vaccines

J07AJ01 Pertussis, inactivated, whole cell
J07AJ02 Pertussis, purified antigen
J07AJ51 Pertussis, inactivated, whole cell, combinations with toxoids
J07AJ52 Pertussis, purified antigen, combinations with toxoids

J07AK Plague vaccines

J07AK01 Plague, inactivated, whole cell

J07AL Pneumococcal vaccines

J07AL01 Pneumococcus, purified polysaccharides antigen
J07AL02 Pneumococcus, purified polysaccharides antigen conjugated

J07AM Tetanus vaccines

J07AM01 Tetanus toxoid
J07AM51 Tetanus toxoid, combinations with diphtheria toxoid
J07AM52 Tetanus toxoid, combinations with tetanus immunoglobulin

J07AN Tuberculosis vaccines

J07AN01 Tuberculosis, live attenuated

J07AP Typhoid vaccines

J07AP01 Typhoid, oral, live attenuated
J07AP02 Typhoid, inactivated, whole cell
J07AP03 Typhoid, purified polysaccharide antigen
J07AP10 Typhoid, combinations with paratyphi types

J07AR Typhus (exanthematicus) vaccines

J07AR01 Typhus exanthematicus, inactivated, whole cell

J07AX Other bacterial vaccines

J07B Vírus vaccines

J07BA Encephalitis vaccines

J07BA01 Encephalitis, tick borne, inactivated, whole virus
J07BA02 Encephalitis, Japanese, inactivated, whole virus

J07BB Influenza vaccines

J07BB01 Influenza, inactivated, whole virus
J07BB02 Influenza, purified antigen

J07BC Hepatitis vaccines

J07BC01 Hepatitis B, purified antigen
J07BC02 Hepatitis A, inactivated, whole virus
J07BC20 Combinations

J07BD Measles vaccines

J07BD01 Measles, live attenuated
J07BD51 Measles, combinations with mumps, live attenuated
J07BD52 Measles, combinations with mumps and rubella, live attenuated
J07BD53 Measles, combinations with rubella, live attenuated
J07BD54 Measles, combinations with mumps, rubella and varicella, live attenuated

J07BE Mumps vaccines

J07BE01 Mumps, live attenuated

J07BF Poliomyelitis vaccines

J07BF01 Poliomyelitis oral, monovalent live attenuated
J07BF02 Poliomyelitis oral, trivalent, live attenuated
J07BF03 Poliomyelitis, trivalent, inactivated, whole virus

J07BG Rabies vaccines

J07BG01 Rabies, inactivated, whole virus

J07BH Rotavirus diarrhea vaccines

J07BH01 Rota virus, live attenuated

J07BJ Rubella vaccines

J07BJ01 Rubella, live attenuated
J07BJ51 Rubella, combinations with mumps, live attenuated

J07BK Varicella vaccines

J07BK01 Varicella, live attenuated

J07BL Yellow fever vaccines

J07BL01 Yellow fever, live attenuated

J07BX Other viral vaccines

J07C Bacterial and viral vaccines

J07CA Bacterial and viral vaccines, combined

J07CA01 Diphtheria-poliomyelitis-tetanus
J07CA02 Diphtheria-pertussis-poliomyelitis-tetanus
J07CA03 Diphtheria-rubella-tetanus
J07CA04 Hemophilus influenzae B and poliomyelitis
J07CA05 Diphtheria-hepatitis B-pertussis-tetanus
J07CA06 Diphtheria-hemophilus influenzae B-pertussis-poliomyelitis-tetanus
J07CA07 Diphtheria-hepatitis B-tetanus
J07CA08 Hemophilus influenzae B and hepatitis B
J07CA09 Diphtheria-hemophilus influenzae B-pertussis-poliomyelitis-tetanus-hepatitis B
J07CA10 Typhoid - hepatitis A

J07X Other vaccines

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