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ATC code M04

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

M Musculo-skeletal system


M04A Antigout preparations

M04AA Preparations inhibiting uric acid production

M04AA01 Allopurinol
M04AA02 Tisopurine
M04AA51 Allopurinol, combinations

M04AB Preparations increasing uric acid excretion

M04AB01 Probenecid
M04AB02 Sulfinpyrazone
M04AB03 Benzbromarone
M04AB04 Isobromindione

M04AC Preparations with no effect on uric acid metabolism

M04AC01 Colchicine
M04AC02 Cinchophen

M04AX Other antigout preparations

M04AX01 Urate oxidase
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