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Aaron Ciechanover

  Aaron Ciechanover (אהרון צ'חנובר) (born October 1, 1947) is an Israeli biologist, and Nobel Prize in Chemistry laureate for his discovery with Avram Hershko and Irwin Rose, of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation. He also received in 2000 the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research.

Born in Haifa, Israel, he received his Master of Science in 1971 and his M.D. in 1974 from the Hadassah Medical School of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He received his doctorate in medicine in 1982 from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), in Haifa. He is currently a Professor in the Unit of Biochemistry and Director of the Rappaport Family Institute for Research in Medical Sciences at the Technion.

Winner of the 2003 Israel Prize for biology. Winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

His family came to Israel from Poland (a city of Ciechanów) after the Second World War.


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