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Adirondack Green

Adirondack Green is a brand of green cleaning products manufactured by Spray Nine Corporation.

Adirondack Green products are Green Seal certified concentrated cleaners used diluted with cold water for pressure washers, automatic scrubbers, general purpose mopping, regular maintenance cleaning, and heavy-duty cleaning. Depending on the product and usage, the labels recommend a dilution with water of anywhere from 1:8 to 1:64.


Robert Brown, a chemist, created the Spray Nine formula in 1956. He introduced Spray Nine as America's first ready-to-use spray cleaner. Spray Nine is currently sold in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Health Facts

  • Worker health and safety: An estimated 35 percent of conventional cleaning products can cause acute injuries including blindness, severe skin damage or damage to organs through the skin. There are also long-term health issues associated with chemicals in conventional cleaning products such as cancer, asthma, reproductive problems, birth defects, kidney damage, neurological impacts and other serious health effects. Janitorial workers experience very high rates of occupational asthma – 625 cases per million workers in one study, more than twice the rate for any other occupation.
  • Environmental damage: The chemicals we choose to use matter to the environment. For example, some chemicals in cleaning products— such as phosphates found in detergents— cause excessive algal growth that can kill aquatic organisms. Other chemicals, persist in the environment, causing health problems for a variety of organisms— including humans.
  • The Good News! You have a lot of good choices in cleaning products for your facility. More than 80 companies have hundreds of products certified under Green Seal’s Industrial and Institutional Cleaners (GS37) standard, and some 40 companies have products certified under the Green Seal Institutional and Industrial Floor Care Products (GS40) standard.

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