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Adolph Strecker

Adolph Strecker

Adolph Strecker
BornOctober 21 1822(1822-10-21)
Darmstadt, Germany
DiedNovember 7 1871 (aged 49)
Würzburg, Germany
InstitutionsUniversity of Gießen,
University of Christiania,
University of Tübingen,
University of Würzburg
Alma materUniversity of Gießen
Academic advisor  Justus Liebig
Known forStrecker synthesis of amino acids

Adolph Strecker (October 21, 1822 – November 7, 1871) was a German chemist who is remembered primarily for his work with amino acids.

Life and work

Strecker was born in Darmstadt and died in Würzburg, where he is buried in the Haupt Friedhof. He worked at the University of Gießen, University of Christiania (now Oslo), University of Tuebingen, and University of Würzburg.

The Strecker synthesis of amino acids involves the reaction of potassium cyanide, ammonium chloride, and an aldehyde to make an alpha amino acid.[1][2][3][4] The reaction can also be run with ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and an aldehyde.

Also named for Strecker are the Strecker degradation, which involves the conversion of amino acids into imines and then into ketones, and the Strecker sulfite alkylation.


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