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Adrian von Mynsicht

Adrian von Mynsicht [1](1603-1638) was a German alchemist. He is best known for the allegorical work Aureum Saeculum Redivivum[2], published under the pseudonym Henricus Madathanus, and usually dated to 1621/2. It was soon reprinted in collections, the Musaeum Hermeticum[3] and the Dyas Chymica Tripartita, both 1625 (Frankfurt, same publisher).

He wrote also the Thesaurus et Armamentarium Medico-Chymicum (1631), a medical work.[3]


  1. ^ Otherwise known as Henricus or Hinricus Madathanus, Adrian Seumenicht or Sümenicht, Hadrianus a Mynsicht, Hadrianus a Munsicht, Hadrian Mynsicht; it has been suggested (here, German language) that the real name was Adrian Seumenicht, with Hadrianus a Munsicht derived as anagram
  2. ^ The Golden Age Restored [1](described here).
  3. ^ A treasury of physick with the most secret way of preparing remedies against all diseases was the subtitle of the English translation[2]; Mynsicht was said in the latter part of a short life to have been a physician.
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