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Affinium Pharmaceuticals is a Toronto, Canada based biotechnology company founded by Aled Edwards, Cheryl Arrowsmith, Jack Greenblatt, Donald Awrey and Owen Roberts.

Under the leadership of CEO John Mendlein, the company was built into an ambitious drug discovery company with aims to develop novel anti-infectives (antibacterials), targeting the fatty acid biosynthesis pathway.

Affinium was launched roughly at the same time as two other structure guided drug discovery companies, namely Syrrx and Structural Genomix in San Diego. In 2004, Syrrx was acquired by Takeda and now operates as Takeda San Diego. Structural Genomix has made progress as an independent drug discovery company. It has been renamed as SGX Pharmaceuticals and began trading publically on the Nasdaq since February, 2006. In comparison, Affinium has not done as well. It has steadily downsized its operations since 2005. Dr. Mendlein has moved on to Boston-basd Adnexus.

Affinium, from Unica Corporation [1], is the leading software suite for enterprise marketing management [2]. Affinium is used by more than 500 companies globally to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of their marketing, delivering increased revenues, productivity and measurability.

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