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African Diamond Producers Association

 African Diamond Producers Association (ADPA) is an intergovernmental organization that communally congregates every one of Africa's diamond producing countries into one coalition.

The organization seeks to strengthen the level of influence African diamond-producing countries have on the world diamond market.

ADPA will also work to devise and implement policies, strategies and laws that generate a substantially larger share of diamond profits from foreign diamond mining companies to its Member States.

The organization was formed on 4 November 2006 as an continental branch of the African Diamond Council, Africa's supreme diamond governing body.

The initiative to establish the ADPA was initially adopted and backed by Angolan, President José Eduardo dos Santos. Angola is the interim executive secreteariat as well as home to the organization's headquarters.


  1.  Angola
  2.  Botswana
  3.  Central African Republic
  4.  Democratic Republic of the Congo
  5.  Ghana
  6.  Guinea
  7.  Namibia
  8.  Sierra Leone
  9.  South Africa
  10.  Tanzania
  11.  Togo
  12.  Zimbabwe


  1.  Algeria
  2.  Congo
  3.  Côte d'Ivoire
  4.  Gabon
  5.  Liberia
  6.  Mali
  7.  Mauritania

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