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Agitator (device)

An agitator is a mechanism to put something into motion by shaking or stirring.

Washing machine agitators

In a top load washing machine the agitator projects from the bottom of the wash basket and creates the wash action by rotating back and forth, rolling garments from the top of the load, down to the bottom, then back up again.

There are several types of agitator with the most common are the "straight-vain" and "dual-action." The "straight-vain" is a one-part agitator with bottom and side fins that usually turns back and forth. The Dual-action is a two-part agitator that has bottom washer fins that moves back and forth and a spiral top that rotates clockwise to help guide the clothes to the bottom washer fins.

The modern agitator, which is the dual action, was first made in Kenmore washing machines in the 1980s to present. These agitator are known by Kenmore as dual-rollover and triple-rollover action agitators.

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