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Ahmad-Reza Dehpour

Ahmad Rza Dehpour (Born 1948 in Iran) is a Persian pharmacologist and biomedical scientist.  

AR Dehpour studied pharmacy at Tehran University and received a PhD degree in Pharmacology from Tehran Medical School. He was editor in chief, Acta Medica Iranica journal, Tehran University of Medical Sciences and general secretary of Iranian society of physiology and pharmacology. He is currently full professor of Tehran Medical School.

Due to his significant contribution to the field of gastroentrology and molecular pharmacology, he was selected as 2006 best researcher of Iran.

Ahmad Reza Dehpour was the reviewers of many international journals as Archives of pharmacology and physiology, BMC journal of pharmacology, Archives of oral biology and European Journal of pharmacology. Dehpour published more than 150 original research papers in international journals.[1]

In December 2006, Ahmad Reza Dehpour won the first prize of Razi International Festival.[2]

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