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Ajax (cleanser)

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Ajax cleanser (or Ajax brand cleanser with bleach) is a liquid or powdered industrial cleaner introduced by Colgate-Palmolive in 1947. Its slogan was "Stronger than dirt!", a reference to the mythical character Ajax. The slogan would be used again for its Ajax Laundry Detergent, when introduced in the early-1960s, with an armed knight riding a white horse. In addition, a widely mocked commercial in the late-1970s/early-1980s declared, "Armed...with Ajax!"

The first commercial jingle heard on television in the United States was for Ajax Cleanser in 1948. The jingle was "You'll stop paying the elbow tax, when you start cleaning with Ajax".

Ajax Spray n' Wipe

In addition to Ajax Laundry Detergent & Ajax cleanser, there is also a Spray n' Wipe product available. This product is particularly well-known in Australia & New Zealand, where it is a market leader. A number of memorable, if widely panned, television commercials were produced from around 1988 onwards, which were all accompanied with the same music & featured Paula Duncan. An example of a Spray n' Wipe commercial went: Oh help! They're here too soon for dinner/The boss & his wife Linda/an overdressed hyena/it ruined my demeanor/'Cause the bathroom was still dirty/thanks to Derek, Dave & Bertie/Bathroom Spray n' Wipe/will make it really clean/Spray n' Wipe's the one/To cut through tough soap scum/The bathroom couldn't be cleaner/A fox, that old hyena/So thank you, Ajax Spray n' Wipe.

Popular Culture

  • In the film Up In Smoke, the character Anthony Stoner accidentally knocks an open can of Ajax powder onto a paper plate. He is amused by its aesthetic similarity to cocaine and divides it into the common form of consumption, lines. A previously unintroduced and unnamed female character, obviously intoxicated, enters the scene. Before Anthony Stoner is able to explain the situation, the female character proceeds to insuffulate a large quantity of Ajax. In the film, she appears to become intoxicated, though it is important to note, this would be extremely harmful.
  • In The Doors song Touch Me, "Stronger than dirt" is said at the end of the song.
  • In the Simpsons episode "Lard of the Dance," Groundskeeper Willie is seen to be cleansing himself with Ajax powder.
  • The Ancient Greek warrior's name being 'taken in vain' is the subject of a one-liner in Eddie Izzard's routine about the Trojan War - "Achilles, mighty warrior.....Ajax, mighty toilet cleaner"
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