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Albert Benjamin Prescott

Albert Benjamin Prescott (1832-1905) was an American chemist, born in Hastings, New York. He graduated in medicine at the University of Michigan in 1864, and was made assistant professor of organic and applied chemistry in 1870, dean of the school of pharmacy in 1876, and director of the chemical laboratory in 1884. Professor Prescott served as president of the American Chemical Society in 1886, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1891, and president of the American Pharmacists Association in 1900. He wrote:

  • Qualitative Chemical Analysis (1874; fifth edition, 1901)
  • Chemistry of Alcoholic Liquors (1875)
  • Outlines of Proximate Organic Analysis (1875; second edition, 1877)
  • First Book in Qualitative Chemistry (1879; eleventh edition, 1902)
  • Organic Analysis (1887; second edition, 1889)

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