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Aluminium in Africa

Aluminium in Africa is mined primarily in Guinea, Mozambique and Ghana. Guinea is by far the biggest producer in Africa, and is a world leader in aluminium and bauxite production; see "World bauxite mine production, reserves, and reserve base" at the bauxite article.

There are very many companies involved in the aluminium trade in Africa. Principal mine and smelter operators include:


  • Ghana Bauxite, affiliated with Alcan
  • Valco, or Volta Aluminum Company, affiliated with Alcoa


  • Rio Tinto, in association with Comalco
  • Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée (CBG) - in the Boké Region - Guinea's largest producer, affiliated with Halco Mining, which is affiliated with Alcan, Alcoa, Reynolds Metals, Pechiney, Comalco, etc.
  • Alumina Company of Guinea, ACG - operating the Friguia bauxite-alumina complex at Fria
  • Societé des Bauxites de Kindia SBK - state-owned, operates the Kindia mining operations; operated by Rusal (Russia Aluminium) and exports bauxite to Ukraine
  • Global Alumina Products Corporation, proposed smelting operation in Conakry
  • There are over 100 Guinean aluminium companies listed at MBendi's Bauxite:Africa:Guinea information page


  • Mozal - Mozambique aluminium

South Africa

  • South Africa does not mine aluminum; BHP Billiton and Pechiney operate smelting operations in South Africa.

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