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Amcol International Corporation

Amcol International Corp. (NYSE: ACO) is a specialty minerals and chemicals manufacturer. Its main operations focus on the mining, refinment, and applications for Bentonite Clay. The corporation is split up into several wholly owned subsidiaries.

Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO) is the environmental arm of Amcol International Corp. CETCO in itself is broken down into several groups.

The Lining Technologies Group focuses on lining landfills, ponds, and reservoirs to prevent leetching and seepage of the water within the containment unit. The Lining Technologies group designs and produces several membrane systems and accessory products used worldwide.

The Building Materials Group focuses on using Bentonite clay as a waterproofing application for commercial buildings. It has several membrane systems including Volclay Panels, Voltex, and the newest Ultraseal. The Building Materials Group also offers a variety of accessory products and remedial grouts.

The Wastewater Treatment Group focuses on treating dirty water and cleansing it using bentonite clay.

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