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Ananda Prasad

Ananda Shiv Prasad (born 1928) is a biochemist specialising in the role of zinc in the human metabolism.

Prasad was born in Buxar, Bihar, India in 1928. He studied first at Patna Medical College in Bihar, before going on to take his doctorate at the University of Minnesota. He worked in Iran before moving to the United States, joining Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan in 1963 as an assistant professor of medicine and director of haematology. He held the latter post until 1984, and later served as director of research for the Department of Internal Medicine.

His main area of research has been the role of trace elements in the human body. It was largely through his work that we came to appreciate the importance of trace metals – particularly zinc – in human metabolism. He is regarded as the foremost researcher on zinc metabolism, and has received several honours, including a mastership from the American College of Physicians–American Society of Internal Medicine.

He was recently named the 2007 recipient of the American College of Physicians Award for Outstanding Work in Science as Related to Medicine. The ACP presented the award to Dr. Prasad on Thursday, April 19, during the Internal Medicine 2007 conference in San Diego.

He married a coworker, Aryabala Ray, who helped him in his researches. Despite his retirement, he continues to lecture extensively, and holds the title of Distinguished Professor of Medicine at Wayne State.

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