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Annualized geothermal solar

  Annualized Geothermal Solar is a heating technigue combining solar heating and geothermal heating for eco-friendly living spaces.

AGS heating systems typically consist of:

  • A well-insulated energy efficient living space;
  • Heat collected in the summer months from a hot roof space or greenhouse or other passive solar collectors;
  • Heat transported from the collection areas into a geothermal storage area, often an insulated earth mass under the living space whose thermal properties are designed to radiate heat back into the living space within six months;
  • A control system which activates solar powered fans when the air is sensed to be hot in the collection areas, or moved with pasive convection using a solar chimney.

Usually the geothermal mass takes a few years to preheat from the 55 degree F earth temperature to 70 degrees F, at which time it can provide up to 100% of the heating requirements of the living space.[1][2]


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