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Anton von Störck

Anton von Störck

Anton Freiherr von Störck (1731-1803)
BornFebruary 21, 1731
DiedFebruary 11, 1803
Residence Austria
InstitutionsUniversity of Vienna
Alma materUniversity of Vienna
Academic advisor  Gerard van Swieten
Notable students  Joseph Barth
Known forResearch into herbs

Anton von Störck was an Austrian physician (February 21, 1731 - February 11, 1803) who was a native of Saulgau. Both of Störck's parents died when he was young, and he spent his early years as an orphan in a Viennese poorhouse. He studied medicine under Gerard van Swieten in Vienna, and received his degree in 1757. He rose through the academic ranks at the University of Vienna, and would later become deacon of the medical faculty and rector at the University. In 1767 he treated empress Maria Theresa of Austria for smallpox, and after her recovery he became her personal physician.

Störck is remembered for his clinical research of various herbs, and their associated toxicity levels and medicinal properties . His studies are considered to be a forerunner of experimental pharmacology. He was convinced that plants regarded as poisonous still were still useful in controlled quantities. Störck was particularly interested in the medical possibilities of plants such as hemlock, henbane, jimsonweed and autumn crocus. His experiments with these plants involved a three-step process; initially used on animals, followed by a personal trial, and finally given to his patients, all the while maintaining a "sliding-scale" approach to determine the optimum dosage.

Störck penned numerous articles in Latin about medicine, pharmacology, herbs and associated therapies. They were later translated into French, German and other languages.


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