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Aquafresh is a brand of toothpaste that has been on sale since 1979. It is manufactured by consumer healthcare product maker GlaxoSmithKline. One of its distinguishing features is its striped pattern; currently the stripes are red, white, and green (aqua), although initially there were only green and white stripes. The slogan for Aquafresh is "three in one protection for your family".



  • Aquafresh Triple Protection-Aquafresh introduced this type of toothpaste in 2005, which, as they said, "gives good breath, strengthens teeth with fluoride, and fights cavities".
  • Aquafresh White & Shine-This toothpaste was introduced as a product that not only protected against cavities, but significantly whitened teeth.
  • Aquafresh Extreme Clean-This brand is marketed specifically to kill bad breath. Aquafresh says that this brand works because of "micro-active foam." This is available in mint and cold flavors.
  • Aquafresh also offers a sensitive teeth toothpaste, marketed to those with "touchy" teeth.
  • Aquafresh Bubblemint-This toothpaste is available for children, as it is adverised as having a "unique nozzle action".

Other products

Aquafresh has also started a line of toothbrushes for children and adults. In 2004, they introduced the Max-Active brand, which was promoted as the first to fit the size of any tooth. There are also DragonTales toothbrushes for children.

Aquafresh's DentiChew, a chewing gum to have a short substitute for brushing, flossing, and moutwashing to an extent, was one almost unrecognized product. Citing unoticability on market shelves, and poor dentist demands, the product was only on the market for a few weeks.

Aquafresh is also due to launch a tooth-whitening product, Aquafresh White Trays, in February, 2007.


  • Aquafresh was the sponsor of former NASCAR driver Buckshot Jones from 1996—1998.

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