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Australian Journal of Chemistry

Australian Journal of Chemistry
Abbreviated title Aus. J. Chem.
Discipline Chemistry
Language English
Publication details
Publisher CSIRO PUBLISHING (Australia)
Publication history 1948 to present
ISSN 0004-9425
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The Australian Journal of Chemistry, an international journal for chemical science, is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original, primary research and review articles on all aspects of chemistry. Papers that are multidisciplinary or address new or emerging areas of chemistry are particularly encouraged. The Journal includes (but is not limited to) synthesis, structure, new materials, macromolecules and polymers, supramolecular chemistry, analytical and environmental chemistry, natural products, biological and medicinal chemistry, nanotechnology, and surface chemistry. The impact factor of the journal is 1.46.[1]

The Australian Journal of Chemistry is published monthly by CSIRO PUBLISHING, an independent business unit within the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

The Chairperson of the Editorial Advisory Committee is Professor M. G. Banwell of the Australian National University. The Managing Editor is Dr Alison Green. The journal is supported by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute with a regular article by Dr Green in the Institute's monthy magazine, Chemistry in Australia.

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