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Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine

Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine (abbreviated AMEE) is a software project that is designed to create a standard for carbon dioxide data, algorithms and profiling.



The project comprises a software API service and wiki to enable access to a database of information about carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacture and use of household appliances, personal transport and consumer goods. It comprises;

  1. a standard, open data set of CO2 emissions, including official UK Government data
  2. a user profiling engine to enable individuals or groups to measure and transact on CO2 amounts
  3. a wiki to make the underlying methodologies transparent and open


It has been developed and maintained by UK company d::gen since 2005, and used for the UK Government's Act on CO2 Carbon Calculator, as part of a campaign against Global warming.


An API for computer programmers provides access to standardised carbon dioxide data and calculations. The API can also store personal profiles, to record the carbon dioxide emissions that an individual is responsible for. The methodology wiki contains scientific methodologies and enables anyone to discuss or comment on them as with a normal wiki.


It is used by the UK Government (Defra and the Act On CO2 campaign), The Climate Group, the RSA, Herefordshire Council, Global Cool and others.

AMEE project sites:

  • Blog
  • Methodology wiki
  • Code and documentation
  • Discussion
  • d::gen network limited

Independent reviews and references:

  • AMEE: The Open CO2 Emissions Platform
  • Amee, The Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine
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