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B. Montgomery Pettitt

B. Montgomery "Monty" Pettitt is Hugh Roy and Lille Cranz Cullen Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of Houston's Department of Chemistry, and director of Houston's Institute for Molecular Design.

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He received his B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics at the University of Houston in December 1975, and his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Houston in May 1980. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin (1980-1983) and Harvard University (1983-1985). As of 2004 he is affiliated with the Institute for Molecular Design, the W.M. Keck Center and the Ph.D. program in Structural and Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics at Baylor College of Medicine.

Recent publications

  • "Structural Basis for the Activity of pp60 c src Protein Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors" Biopolymers, 59 167-179 (2001); N.V. Prabhu, S.A. Siddiqui, J.S. McMurray and B. M. Pettitt.
  • "A Study of DNA tethered to a Surface by an All-atom Molecular Dynamics Simulation" Theo. Chem. Accounts 106 233-235 (2001); Ka-Yiu Wong and B.M. Pettitt.
  • "Numerical Simulation of the Sedimentation of a Tripole-like body in an incompressible Viscous Fluid" Applied Math. Lett. 15 743-747 (2002); L. H. Juarez, R. Glowinski, B. M. Pettitt.
  • "Simulations of the Bis-Penicillamine Enkephalin in Sodium Chloride Solution: A Parameter Study" Biopolymers 60 134-152 (2001); Gail Marlow and B. M. Pettitt.
  • "Fine tuning function: Correlation of hinge domain interactions with functional dis- tinctions between LacI and PurR " Protein Science 11 778-794 (2002); Liskin Swint- Kruse, C. Larson, B. M. Pettitt and K.S. Matthews.
  • "Computationally useful bridge diagram series II. Diagrams in h-bonds," J. Chem. Phys. 116 9404-9413 (2002); John Perkyns, Kippi Dyer and B. M. Pettitt.
  • "Computationally useful bridge diagram series III. Lennard-Jones mixtures," J. Chem. Phys. 116 9413-9422 (2002); Kippi Dyer, John Perkyns, and B. M. Pettitt.
  • "Solvation and Hydration of Proteins and Nucleic acids: a Theoretical View of Simu- lation and Experiment" Accounts of Chemical Res. 35 376- 384 (2002); V. Makarov, B.M. Pettitt and M. Feig.
  • "Coulomb Blockage of Hybridization in Two-Dimensional DNA Arrays" Phys. Rev. E 66, 41905 (2002); A. Vainrub and B.M. Pettitt.
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