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Backstay insulator

Backstay insulators, when used as a pair, are devices which allow for the electrical isolation of a section of wire on a yacht so that it can be used as an antenna for a Single Sideband (SSB) radio.

These insulators have a dual function, not only must they not leak current but they must also be strong and durable enough not to fail mechanically under the sometimes tough load conditions experienced sailing.

There are various manufacturers including Hi-MOD, Norseman-Gibb and Sta-Lok. Each design is slightly different, but all share the common characteristics of having two attachment points set back-to-back and separated by some insulating material.

The Hi-MOD system is worthy of note as it has been designed in such a way that if the insulating material (typically some sort of plastic) were to fail mechanically the fitting would retain structural integrity.

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