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Bajaj Hindusthan Limited

Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd. (BHL), a part of the 'Bajaj Group', is India's Number One sugar and ethanol manufacturing company, headquartered at Mumbai (Maharashtra), India.

The Company has 16 sugar plants, which are all located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP):

Golagokarannath, Palia Kalan and Khambarkhera (district Lakhimpur Kheri), Barkhera (district Pilibhit), Kinauni (district Meerut), Gangnauli (district Saharanpur), Thanabhavan and Budhana (district Muzaffarnagar) and Bilai (district Bijnore). These nine plants have an aggregate sugarcane crushing capacity of 89,000 tcd (tonnes crushed per day). BHL is establishing its 10th sugar mill in Maqsoodapur in Shahjahanpur district, UP. This plant is slated to be commissioned in the sugar season of 2007-08 and will have a sugarcane crushing capacity of 10,000 tcd.

BHL’s subsidiary, Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar and Industries Limited (BHSIL), has a 6,000 tcd sugar plant at Pratappur (district Deoria) in UP. BHSIL is now setting up three more sugar plants: a 7,000 tcd plant in Rudauli (district Basti), a 15,000 tcd plant in Kundrakhi (district Gonda), and another 12,000 tcd plant in Utraula (district Balrampur). Thus, with the advent of the 2007-08 sugar season, BHSIL will have a sugarcane crushing capacity of 40,000 tcd. The Bajaj Hindusthan Group as a whole will have an aggregate sugarcane crushing capacity of 136,000 tcd. The Group will then concomitantly have the capacity to produce 800,000 litres of alcohol per day.

BHL is India’s largest ethanol producer. It is the pioneer of India’s fuel ethanol programme. BHL is currently producing 220 million litres of ethanol in a year. In anticipation of emerging market demand, the Company has increased its ethanol manufacturing capacity to nearly 300 million litres per year.

BHL generates 397 MW of power from the bagasse produced in its sugar mills. After meeting its own energy needs, BHL has a surplus of over 90 MW. The Company is to shortly begin supplying this surplus power to the UP state grid.

BHL’s wholly owned subsidiary, Bajaj Eco-tec Products Limited (BEPL), is gearing up to start production of environment-friendly Medium Density Fibre Boards (MDF) and Particle Boards (PB), both from its bagasse waste, by the end of 2007. Both MDF and PB are invaluable substitutes for wood in construction and furnishing. The manufacturing of MDF and PB will be a trail-blazing BHL venture in India. It will protect and preserve India’s forests from commercial exploitation by the construction and furniture industries. A 50,000 cubic metre MDF plant saves one lakh mature trees from being cut down in a year.

The three BEPL Units, one each in Western, Eastern and Central UP, will commence production in end-2007. BEPL will be among the very few units in the world to manufacture MDF and PB that will be completely wood-free.

BHL recorded an annual turnover of Rs.15,648 million, and a net profit of Rs.1,842 million for the year October 1, 2005- September 30, 2006.

JMD : Mr. Kushagra Nayan Bajaj CEO : Mr. Rakesh Bhartia

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Corporate Office: Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd. Bajaj Bhawan B-10 Sector-3, Noida India

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