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Baldomero Olivera

Dr. Baldomero Olivera is most famous for discovery of many cone snail toxins important for neuroscience.

Dr. Olivera graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1960. He got a PhD from the California Institute of Technology (1966) in Chemistry, followed by postdoctoral work at Stanford University from 1966-1968. Harvard 2007 "Scientist of the Year".

On July 9, 2007, UP honored Olivera, for his research on neuropharmacology using the venom of conesnails (carnivorous, predatory marine snails which thrive in tropical and subtropical habitats). UP President Dr. Emerlinda Roman said Olivera’s award "brings honor" not only to the UP community but also to the whole country as well. Roman and UP Chancellor Sergio Cao awarded Olivera for his outstanding research in the field of marine drug discovery.[1]


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