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BARDAHL is a brand name of a line of petroleum lubrication products used in automobiles and other internal combustion engines.

The company was founded in 1939 by Ole Bardahl, a Norwegian immigrant to the United States. Its original factories were located in Ballard, Washington. In the mid-1950s, Bardahl was the leading brand of motor oil and oil additives in the United States, a leadership position the company no longer enjoys.[1] The brand continues to market a number of lubricants and additives used in automobile engines and in motor sports.[2]

Bardahl's oil additive was advertised in the 1950s, in animated TV commercials, showing the product's effectiveness in combating engine problems such as "Sticky Valves," "Gummy Rings," and "Blackie Carbon," all of which were anthropomorphized in the commercials.

The company remains prominent as a result of its sponsorship of a number of motor sports competitors. The "Miss Bardahl" has been a consistent contender in hydroplane racing in the United States.[3] The brand also has a large presence in stock car and open wheel racing.



Ole Bardahl started the Bardahl Manufacturing Company in Seattle, Washington on September 12th, 1939 and sometime later established a permanent presence north of the border with what is now Bardahl Canada.

Over the years, Bardahl increased its global presence and can now be found in more than 80 countries throughout the world. There is no better truism than, World Famous Bardahl.

The goal of the Company then and now has been to provide to all types of industry, superior specialty lubricants, than those currently available. This would eventually include many fuel additives for gas, diesel and propane powered vehicles.

The machines of industry would benefit from the superior lubrication of Bardahl's Polar Attraction Formula through the reduction of friction, wear and heat, the natural enemies of all mechanisms which require lubrication.

Throughout the years Bardahl became involved in all types of racing to serve as a proving ground for its products, along with valuable Research and Development into new technologies. This would include Unlimited Hydroplanes, Offshore Powerboats, Unlimited Airplane Racing, FORMULA 1 cars, INDY cars and CART Racing, NASCAR, Motorcycle and Snowmobile racing to name a few.

Over 60 years experience coupled with innovative technology and sound business solutions has helped Bardahl expand its product line to include more than 250 different products, of which some are recognised as the industry benchmark for engine oils, motor oil and fuel additives and specialty lubricants.

Bardahl has become known as the global leader that has something good to offer its customers through innovative chemistry and unique additive packages for both fuels and lubricants. Bardahl has positioned itself as a conservative marketer who will be there for the next millennium. Honesty and integrity have moulded the Company as one being never too loud and never having one single product litigated against or having someone question its product claims.

New things are happening all the time in our industry and in our ever-changing world, therefore as an industry leader, Bardahl will strive to deliver the right environmentally correct product with its associated services on an ongoing basis.


  • BARDAHL Motor Oils for automobiles, transports and Powersports - Protex System oil and fuel additives.
  • PROTEX System offers a large choice of protections for automotive engine, new, used, leased and commercial vehicles.

Automotive / Industrial Oil

  • -22610 XTC 100% Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 5W-40
  • -22615 XTC 100% Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 0W-30
  • -22900 XTC 100% Synthetic Motor Oil SAE 5W-20
  • -23610 XST Full Synthetic Technology Motor Oil SAE 5W-40
  • -6140 RACING OIL 100% Synthetic SAE 10W-40 & 15W-50
  • -23001 PVMO SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil
  • -23030 PVMO SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil
  • -23010 PVMO SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil
  • -23020 PVMO SAE 10W-40 Motor Oil
  • -29500 XHD SAE 5W-40 Extra Heavy Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil
  • -34000 HDDO SAE 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil

Oil Additives

  • -9104 Additive Plus Oil Supplement
  • -9340 Pro-1 Oil Supplement
  • -9345 Pro-2 Oil Treatment
  • -60150 Engine Stop Leak
  • -9103 Special Duty Oil Treatment

Penetrating Oil/Lubricants (Aerosol)

  • -9866 Prolube Industrial
  • -9414 Super Spray Penetrating Lubricant

Fuel System Cleaners

  • -9300 Supertune2 Fuel System Cleaning Kit
  • -9400 Fastune Fuel System Cleaning Kit
  • -9435 Ultrapro Concentrated Synthetic Fuel System Treatment
  • -9405 C-C-C Combustion Chamber Cleaner
  • -9430 Concentrated Injector Cleaner
  • -9439 Diesel Fuel Conditioner (100L treat per bottle)
  • -9440 Diesel Fuel Conditioner (1000L treat per bottle)
  • -9441 Diesel Fuel Conditioner with Antigel (500L treat per bottle)
  • -33000 Dieseltune Diesel Fuel System Cleaning Kit
  • -9404 Fast Clean Super Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner
  • -3007 Top Oil Fuel stabilizer/lubricant: Ideal for engines alcohol (methanol or ethanol) running

Transmission and Differentials

  • -9325 Automatic Transmission Treatment
  • -60180 Transmission Stop Leak
  • -57100 Automatic Transmission Fluid DEXRON-III / MERCON
  • -57105 XTF 100% Synthetic automatic transmission fluid
  • -3119 Concentrated Gear Oil Additive
  • -75515 XTG 100% Synthetic Gear Oil


  • -9460 Radiator Fast Flush
  • -9461 Radiator Rust Inhibitor
  • -9462 Radiator Stop Leak


  • -9000 Ultra EP Grease
  • -9020 Multi-Purpose Grease
  • -9060 Moly EP Grease
  • -9050 HD Moly EP #1

Specialty Fluids

Specialty Aerosols

  • -9307 Air Intake Cleaner
  • -9418 Carb 'n' Choke Cleaner
  • -9415 Brake Parts Cleaner
  • -6320 Brake Parts & Contact Cleaner
  • -9862 Degreaser
  • -9880 HD Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • -9866 Prolube Industrial
  • -9414 Super Spray Penetrating Lubricant

Product Kits

  • -9325-MTS Automatic Transmission Treatment & MTS Kit
  • -5714-MTS Power Steering Fluid & MTS Kit
  • -5713-MTS Honda Power Steering Fluid & MTS Kit

Wiper Blades

  • -17000 Series 52 Synthetic Wiper Blades
  • -16000 Series 30 Synthetic Winter Wiper Blades


American Made Motorcycle — Harley Davidson

  • -6170 American Classics Motor Oil SAE 50, 60, 70
  • -6160 American Classics Engine Oil 20W50
  • -6360 American Classics 100% Synthetic Motor Oil 20W50
  • -6370 American Classics 100% Synthetic ALL-IN-ONE
  • -6327 American Classics Primary Chaincase Lubricant
  • -6328 American Classics Gear & Chaincase Lubricant
  • -6329 American Classics Semi-Synthetic Transmission Lubricant 80W90

Race Proven Motorcycle — European and Japanese

  • -6100 Premium Engine Oil 10W40, 20W50
  • -6120 Synthetic Blend Engine Oil 10W40, 20W50
  • -6140 100% Synthetic Racing Oil 10W40, 15W50
  • -6191 Racing Oil 30-60
  • -6325 HGO Gear Oil 80W90 API GL-5
  • -75515 XTG 100% Synthetic Gear Oil SAE 75W90 API GL-5

All Terrain Vehicles

  • -6505 Premium ATV 4-Stroke Motor Oil 5W-30, 10W40
  • -6520 100% Synthetic ATV 4-Stroke Motor Oil 5W-40

Two-Stroke Engines

  • -6600 BIG 4 SNOW
  • -6400 Premium Snowmobile Injection Premix 2-Stroke Oil
  • -6425 Snowmobile Chaincase Synthetic Oil
  • -6311 Synthetic Transmission Oil 80W
  • -9180 VBA 2-Stroke Premium Motor Oil
  • -9190 VBA 2-Stroke Racing + Octane Booster
  • -6503 VBA 2-Stroke Scooter Injection Oil
  • -6420 100% Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil

Miscellaneous Specialty Products

  • -6590 SAE 30 Premium 4-Stroke Oil
  • -6320 Brake Parts & Contact Cleaner
  • -6013 DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid
  • -6331 Octane Booster
  • -6316 Chain Lube
  • -6300 Race Proven Racing Synthetic Fork Oil 2.5W - 5W, 10W - 15W, 20W, 30W


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