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Baro Urbigerus

Baro or Baru Urbigerus was a seventeenth century writer on alchemy.[1]He is known for his Aphorismi Urbigerani (1690)[2] This collection of 100 aphorisms claims to set out completely the theory of the alchemical work, the preparation of the Philosopher's Stone. A shorter collection of 31 aphorisms, contained in it, is known as the Circulatum Minus Urbigeranum.[3]


  1. ^ Also known as Baron Urbiger; it is speculated that he was English, and may have used Borghese also as a pseudonym.
  2. ^ [1]. Important German edition Besondere Chymische schrifften, Hamburg 1703. There is a 1986 edition as One Hundred Alchemical Aphorisms and the Summary of Philosophy.
  3. ^ [2]. Illustrated by Frater Albertus; this book is available in modern translation under the title The Philosophical Elixir of Vegetables.
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