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Basson brownies

Basson Brownies or Basson's Brownies is the affectionate term given to the potent ecstasy capsules purportedly manufactured by notorious South African mass-murderer Dr. Wouter Basson. In his capacity as head of the apartheid-era top-secret chemical and biological weapons program, Project Coast, Dr. Basson conducted innumerable ethically questionable experiments vis-a-vis possible applications of psychedelic drugs as incapacitants or agents for biological warfare. It is also alleged that outside of the military arena Dr. Basson engaged in the un-sanctioned importation and distribution of psychoactive substances for personal financial gain. Wouter Basson was tried and acquitted of 93 criminal charges on October 1999 including drug possession and murder.


  • Ecstasy Produced for "Riot Control" in South Africa.

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