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For the Bangalore International Airport Limited see BIAL.

Bial is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in S. Mamede do Coronado, in Trofa, Porto district, Portugal. It was founded in 1924, being among the largest and most prestigious companies of its kind in Portugal.

Bial is today an International Pharmaceutical Group. Its products are to be found in pharmacies in nearly 30 countries in 3 continents: Europe, America and Africa. Some of the group companies are: Laboratórios Bial, Medibial, Bialfar, Bialport, Bial Aristegui, Medimport and Medangol.

Fundação Bial

Established in 1994, the Bial Foundation Scientific Research Grants have become increasingly popular. Forty-eight applications were received in 1994, and by 2002 this figure had risen to 149, while 169 projects were submitted in 2004. Several projects have already been supported, involving many researchers from over 21 countries.

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