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Biolex Therapeutics is a biotechnology firm in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. The company focuses on formation of difficult to synthesize proteins in Lemna, a duckweed.[1] The duckweeds are a family of small aquatic plants that can be grown in sterile culture. Biolex has developed recombinant DNA technology for efficiently producing pharmaceutical proteins in Lemna.[2] Therapeutic glycosylated proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies, have been produced by the Lemna system at Biolex.[3]

Biolex acquired Epicyte Pharmaceutical Inc. on May 6, 2004, and acquired LemnaGene SA of Lyon, France in 2005.[4] Biolex is a privately held company backed by Quaker BioVentures, The Trelys Funds, and Polaris Venture Partners. The term "plantibody" is trademarked by Biolex.


  • Official site
  • Background information on production of therapeutic proteins in 'Lemna'
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