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Bob Stouthuysen

  Baron Bob Stouthuysen is a Belgian businessman. He is honorary president of the Vlaams Economisch Verbond and of Janssen Pharmaceutica.

He studied economy at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.


He joined Janssen Pharmaceutica in September 1957. He became the company's personnel manager, and was a such involved in widely diverse personnel affairs. When Janssen Pharmaceutica was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 1961, he was appointed to a management position. In 1963 he became assistant manager under Frans Van den Bergh, and in 1965 Stouthuysen was officially appointed director of the company. In 1971 he was co-opted to the Board of Directors, of which he has been chairman from 12 October 1991 until 2003 when he retired and was succeeded by Ajit Shetty.

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