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Boltzmann Medal

The Boltzmann Medal is the most important prize awarded to physicists that obtain new results concerning statistical mechanics; it is named after the celebrated physicist Ludwig Boltzmann. The Boltzmann Medal is awarded once every three years by the Commission on Statistical Physics of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, during a plenary conference concerning statisical physics.

The award consists of a gilded medal; its front carries the inscription Ludwig Boltzmann, 1844--1906.


All the winners are influential physicists or mathematicians whose contribution to statistical physics have been relevant in the past decades.

  • 2007 Kurt Binder and Giovanni Gallavotti
  • 2004 E. G. D. Cohen and H. Eugene Stanley
  • 2001 Berni Alder and Kyozi Kawasaki
  • 1998 Elliott Lieb and Benjamin Widom
  • 1995 Sam F. Edwards
  • 1992 Joel Lebowitz and Giorgio Parisi
  • 1989 Leo Kadanoff
  • 1986 David Ruelle and Yakov G. Sinai
  • 1983 Michael E. Fisher
  • 1980 Rodney J. Baxter
  • 1977 Ryogo Kubo
  • 1975 Kenneth G. Wilson
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