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California Hydrogen Highway

The California Hydrogen Highway is a series of hydrogen refueling stations in California. These stations are used to refuel hydrogen vehicles such as fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen combustion vehicles.

As of July 2007, twenty five stations were in operation,[1] and ten more stations have been planned for assembly in California. However, their have already been three hydrogen fueling stations decommissioned.[2] As of July 2007 the state of California had 179 Fuel Cell Vehicles.[3] The operating refueling stations include:

  • AC Transit Hydrogen Energy Station – Oakland
  • AC Transit Hydrogen Energy Station – Richmond
  • PG&E Station - San Francisco
  • Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
  • UC Davis Station
  • West Sacramento Station
  • BMW of North America – Oxnard
  • Burbank Station
  • Chino Station
  • Chula Vista Station
  • City of LA for Honda FCX Fleet
  • Honda Home Energy Station - Torrance
  • Honda Hydrogen Refueling Station – Torrance
  • Long Beach Station
  • Ontario Station
  • Praxair-BP Hydrogen Fueling Station at LAX
  • Riverside Station
  • Rosemead Station
  • Santa Ana Station
  • Santa Monica Station
  • SCAQMD Energy Station - Diamond Bar
  • SunLine Station - Thousand Palms
  • Toyota Station – Torrance
  • UC Irvine Air Products Station
  • UC Irvine Hydrogenics Station

The hydrogen refueling stations that are planned for assembly include:

  • AC Transit Hydrogen Energy Station – Emeryville
  • Humboldt State
  • Sacramento - SMUD Station
  • San Carlos Station
  • San Francisco Airport Station
  • South Lake Tahoe Station
  • Camp Pendleton Station
  • LA H2 Pipeline
  • UCLA Station – Westwood
  • West LA - Shell Station

Decommissioned hydrogen refueling stations include:

  • City of SF for Honda FCX Fleet
  • El Segundo Station
  • UC Riverside Station

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