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Canary tourmaline

The Canary Tourmaline Story

Exotic Africa has given many an awe-inspiring gift to mankind - the Pyramids of Egypt, the Nile Civilization, The Ngorongoro Crater, the Ukawonga Delta, the Victoria Falls, indeed the start of the Human Race itself. And then there was the legendary King Solomon’s Treasure, “Star of Africa” the Biggest Diamond in the world, more recently the remarkable Tanzanite and now THE CANARY TOURMALINE.

The Canary Tourmaline was first un-earthed in 1983. Due to limited production and lack of market development, it was not well publicized. In hope of filling the yellow colour gap in the tourmaline colour spectrum, Tommy Wu, aided by his Japanese associate created a market for the gem through various jewellery shows and publications in 2001.

Tommy Wu, along with Rita Mittal saw a bright future for the gem and thus decided to, as partners, systemically locate the gem through mining to ensure continuous production and in turn satisfy market demand.

The rest is History. The partners soon completed necessary formalities to incorporate CANARY MINING LIMITED and obtained the official concession to the entire Yellow Tourmaline bearing area in the Eastern Province of Zambia. They started small-scale mining operations through outsourcing, which yielded very encouraging results. Tommy Wu, who also owns a specialist Cutting & Polishing factory based in Bangkok, and who has been closely associated with the marketing of Gemstones globally for 30 years, was able to generate tremendous interest in this stone at various leading International Gemstones Fairs, to the extent that demand soon completely outstripped supply.

Amid positive feedback from afore-mentioned clientele and having carefully analysed and forecasted the marketablility and financial prospects of Canary Tourmaline in the newly created market. It appears blatant to those involved, who are blessed as the sole force. Suppliers of the gemstone to date, that the logical move forward would be to mine the beautiful stone at full force.

The Company thus decided that it must give utmost priority to ensure a constant and regular supply of Canary Tourmaline to satisfy the huge market demand which they had generated for their product. This was only going to be possible through organized and focused Pegmatite mining and they immediately implemented necessary actions to achieve their production objectives:

Contracted Consultants to advise on all relevant aspects. Employed an expert Management Team & Labour Force. Purchased & Hired Earthmoving machines and other relevant equipment. Constructed a Dam on the captive river to create a large water reservoir to service operations around the year. Installed a large capacity Washing Plant. Created infrastructure to accommodate & house the Management team and labour on site.

The pegmatite mining operations have been very encouraging and certain quality production has been achieved. But the foremost achievement has been the increasing familiarization with the Yellow Tourmaline deposit pattern and the specifics of the operational way forward. In the course of exploration, substantial deposits of high quality Aquamarine have also been discovered, and necessary procedures are being implemented to mine these valuable deposits, which will contribute greatly to the operation’s revenue stream. Pegmatite mining has also yielded substantial quantities of high quality Black Tourmaline which is also a good marketable product.

Canary Mining Limited is hence at an extremely exciting state in its development, a stage from where it can propel itself into being an extremely viable entity, both as Mining Venture as well as a vertically integrated Mining, Polishing and Wholesaling Company. The fundamentals are all in place; what remains is to transform the Potential into Reality. The reality to offer the Gemstones and Jewellery Industry stability both in supply and price as well as tracability which are the three fundamentals for the Colored Gemstones & Jewellery Industry of today.

History of Canary Mining

Initially formed to explore & mine canary tourmaline deposits in Lundazi, situated in the Eastern Province of Zambia.

During the course of exploration, aquamarine, spessatite garnets and chrysoberyl were also unearthed.


Canary Mining[1] Wue Limited (UK distribution)[2]

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